How to Become YouTuber – Sites, apps and Chrome Extensions Essential for YouTube Creators

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With growth of subscribers on your channel, you need to take care of more things every time you post a video – share the info on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and other social tools. Managing those manually may lead to too much time being spent on managing your account rather than doing the important stuff.

Other things that will be described here are sites and apps that can be also useful when it comes to analytics, video management, statistics etc.

Let’s start the list with:

Social media management:


This is a great tool if you want to quickly manage several social media accounts. With HootSuite you may add couple of your social media accounts and pretty much with a single click you can post the same/similar post on all social medias at once.



Hubspot not only lets you publish and monitor your social accounts but also is equipped with closed-loop reporting data. You can als check which social media procures the best results in terms of engagement, leads and (if applicable) sales.



This one is unique. While it contains most of the tools mentioned previously, it is also equipped with automatic re-share function for very popular posts. If you’re an affiliate seller who records review videos for great product that turns out to have great selling value – MeetEdgar will re-post that video on your social medias to drive even more sales, views, traffic.


Graphic design

Adobe Photoshop

Software known by absolutely everyone. This means this is also essential for you. Even though your priority lies in video making, various graphic improvements for pictures on your social medias might require the assistance of this software. It might be especially useful with affiliate marketing accounts as well as content creators that make tutorials for their viewers.



Is Photoshop too difficult for you? Or perhaps you don’t have as much time to create new graphics? This is where Canva comes to rescue. It is an extremely simple tool that helps you make various infographics. With Canva making interesting graphics will take you considerably less time than with your lacking knowledge about Photoshop.


Content ideas tool:

Google Keyword Suggest Tool

Are you looking for something that may help you get an idea about what topic to cover next, or which topic is currently popular? Keyword suggest tool might come in handy in this case. Depending on the topic you want to cover you might find something that is currently trending, or quite the opposite, you can make sure that the topic you have in mind wasn’t covered by everyone already – and your idea is unique.


Account management and analysis:

YouTube analytics

You might think you don’t need it, but you do. YouTube analytics are the most basic tool you NEED to use to evaluate how successful your account really is. By determining certain information you can decide whether to upload more/less/longer/shorter videos in order to fulfill the expectations of your viewers.

And once you get a hold of your YouTube analytics and all other stuff:



This extension added to your browser expands the functionality of your YouTube website. It includes categories including productivity, workflow, SEO, promotion and analytics. TubeBuddy allows you to:

  • Improve the process of adding cards to your videos
  • Video search tool (similarly to how you search words in word processor)
  • SEO audit – helps you find keywords and tags
  • Generating custom thumbnails
  • Export the list of your subs
  • Competitors analysis
  • Improves the process of promoting your new video among the older ones.

Definitely one of the best extensions when dealing with YouTube.



Available as extension as well as website. Socialblade provides various information regarding channel growth (or decrease), channel rank, most popular video, subscriber growth over time etc. This includes not only your information but also information of all other channels.


To start earning money other than from Ads:


We’ve mentioned it in the previous part about becoming Youtuber. It’s a great opportunity to start earning steady income by providing special content for patrons. This site helps people both ways – by letting people support the content creators, and allowing people to watch more content than it is usually possible for typical Youtuber to do.



This feature on YouTube allows your viewers to highlight their comments during live stream. By doing so, YouTuber gains a tip, depending on the amount spent on highlighting their comment. Works pretty similarly to traditional one-time donation (although some people do like spending hundreds of dollars by “spamming” a lot of comments with smaller donation amount) – Either way, Youtuber is happy.


Lastly, something for those who just don’t have the time:


You need someone to do something for you and Fiverr has it. In this case, Fiverr can help you find someone to help you edit the video you’ve made, or photoshop a picture you wanted to share with others. Of course ┬áit doesn’t go for free, but you really can find people who can do a great job at editing videos for just a small fee. If you ever find yourself in situation where your editing skills are just not enough, you can consider search a professional on Fiverr.

Of course there are more softwares that will help you alongside your YouTube career. Although we haven’t mentioned any specific video editing software, you may expect a list of viable paid editing software as well as free alternatives.

Do you know of any other very useful tools for YouTube creators? Let us know in the comments!

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