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Are you looking for a gift for your friend who is a gamer? Or maybe you are looking for a present for your kid, that will make your gamer child happy? We know it’s hard, because usually, they aren’t satisfied with another pair of socks, boring book or winter sweater. For just that reason, we provided a list of things that will make your friend/child scream of happiness, without the need to buy an expensive Xbox ONE, PS4 or newest PC gaming station.

Game inspired clothes


Gamers usually like to brag about how good they are at certain game. They would feel only better if they could show off that insane t-shirt or a hoodie that depicts a logo or something that reminds of the game a person loves the most.

When choosing appropriate t-shirt, just as with every gaming gift, make sure which game your friend loves the most.

If you have a serious problem with deciding which game will make your friend the happiest, you may also choose a general themed t-shirts with a catchy phrase (with Game Over signs). As a general theme  we could also suggest some of the retro games such as Mario Bros or Street Fighter.

But probably one of the best ideas regarding t-shirts would be not only to get something with specific game theme, it would also be nice to know what he or she likes the most about this game, and THEN find some kind of catchy phrase from the game, or a character depicted on a t-shirt.




So? If your friend or kid loves World of Warcraft, and for example plays as a shaman from Horde – consider buying him something similar to this t-shirt.






Game-oriented collectibles

Games are not the only gifts that can make a gamer satisfied. Various game collectible items are a fantastic way to make someone happy. This includes things such as various game figurines, pendants or even plushie.

The other way is to make a unique, one-of-a-kind present in form of something that isn’t available anywhere and yet can be made entirely by your own hands. One of the best ideas we’ve seen and heard of includes creating an entire potion set from Witcher 3. Here is where you can shine by coming up with insanely good idea regarding a gift for your friend. Make a themed box, handmade pendant or bracer. The possibilities are endless.

Gamer mug

This kind of gift follows the same pattern as in example of t-shirts. The more themed and personalized mug you can buy (or make!), the better reaction the gifted person will show.

If your friend loves Overwatch and plays as Mercy all the time, perhaps consider purchasing Mercy-themed mug with some amazing visuals added to it.

In those kinds of presents, the better the creativity you show, the better the gift is.


Game world map poster

If you know that your friend has some free space on his wall, consider buying a world map of his or her favourite game. He will be incredibly happy about it, and will most likely cherish it a lot!

Keep in mind though that not every game has such maps available. As an alternative you might want to consider a game poster that depicts some character, weapon, magic etc. It’s also really cool to have and will be appreciated a lot!

In-game gift

Since your friend or child is a gamer, he would most likely wouldn’t mind receiving an in-game gift.

Certain platforms such as Steam for example, have dedicated systems that help you gift a person with a specific present such as game, the game’s expansion or DLC in form of additional content, music, character skins or character models.

This however is not the only possibility. While this idea might be extremely simple, it does indeed work pretty well nowadays. Just like certain stores allow special gift cards to buy clothing or other things, gaming platforms such as Steam, google play, Blizzard store support gift card system. Those gift cards can be purchased most likely in your local electronics shop or various hypermarkets.

Some players also play various browser games. Nowadays, those games tend to be a simple money-sink despite the fact that they can be extremely fun and addictive. You may want to consider purchasing, for your friend or a kid, additional features and bonuses that can be unlocked in those games.


Video Recording Software

With the rising popularity of video game recording, you might want to give an opportunity for your friend/child to record his gameplay just like you would record videos or take pictures of everything in real life.

This also presents a possibility to start recording videos that can be later posted on YouTube – and as you perhaps know, YouTube despite its abundance throughout the web is becoming even more popular with more and more people trying to stand out.

Action! Screen recorder is the best recording software if someone is looking for easy to use software. Even if your friend does not have the best PC, he will be able to record nice and smooth videos. Action! is a cheap software that can be afforded by anyone.



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