The best horror games to play during halloween

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The Halloween is soon to be upon us.

Whether you enjoy Halloween or not, it is always a good excuse to sit down and dive into some scary activities… And honestly, there is nothing as “fun” to do during Halloween as…


For those who want to quickly raise their adrenaline limit to the maximum during this day, we’ve provided a short list of the best horror games to play during Halloween.

So get prepared: sit tight in your chair (to make sure you don’t fall during gameplay!), turn all lights off, so only your PC screen is visible, and finally install one of the games we’ve described here.

Finally – get ready to be scared to death!


Resident Evil 7

Released in the beginning of 2017 and developed by Capcom, Resident Evil 7 is but a one part among 24 other entries in its franchise. This survival horror is played from first person perspective to assure that the gamer is actually scared throughout the entire gameplay, trying to anticipate the worst and most scary moments. On top of that, the PlayStation 4 version supports VR headset.

How’s it played?

The main character is controlled in a FPP (first person perspective). The game does not offer many combat skills as it was presented in previous Resident Evil titles. Even despite having less combat capabilities, the protagonist is still able to equip various firearm, tools or explosives.

The game allows few ways to pass through certain checkpoint – either through stealth, combat or simply running away (if you are too scared!).

Why we chose Resident Evil 7 and not Resident evil 5 or 6?

Simple. more horror, more fear, more exploration, less combat based gameplay.

How the story begins…

Main character, Ethan Winters receives a message from his wife, that was missing for 3 years and presumed dead. He then travels to Dulvey in Louisiana, more precisely a plantation that has been presumed abandoned.

Once he arrives there, a string of very strange and spooky things begin to happen?

Honestly, we can’t tell more. We WANT you to be scared

Scare level: 9/10


Outlast 2

Another first person perspective game aiming to provide the gamer as realistic view of survival horror as possible. Released in April 2017, Outlast 2 already managed to scare hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Sadly, the game does not support VR gameplay – but worry not – you will still get scared!

How’s it played?

To compensate for the lack of VR that is meant to maximize the level of fear, gameplay in Outlast is a bit different than in Resident Evil 7. While the latter does indeed contain some elements of combat, Outlast 2 is almost completely deprived of them, limiting combat to specific cutscenes only. This might seem like something bad, however some players prefer movie-like game with more scary moments rather than gore elements. The character is equipped only with night vision glasses, which if used too much will eventually run out of battery. The game really encourages careful play that puts focus for example on your stamina.

How the story begins…

The story follows the life of investigative journalist named Blake Langermann who decided to find out the truth about killed girls known in game as Jane Doe. While flying the helicopter, it crashes onto the ground in the Supai region of the Coconino County region of Arizona. When the main protagonist wakes up, he finds his wife missing, but what’s more suspicious, the helicopter pilot is skinned and crucified.

The rest of the story is up to you to see.

Scare level: 8/10


Little nightmares

This one is different.

It’s not as scary as previous titles described, due to different camera perspective, but definitely is very close to the spirit of modern Halloween. Developed by Tarsier Studios this platformer horror game, released in April 2017 is generally one of the more enjoyable titles when it comes to platform games in general.

The game follows the story of a small girl named Six who finds out herself to be trapped in a strange vessel named the Maw. The goal is to quickly escape a place in which Six is trapped. This task is made much more difficult because of the huge monster with long arms and no eyesight known as Janitor of the Maw who kept capturing children before.

Due to the fact that the game is relatively short, it is a perfect title to play during Halloween.

Scare level: 5/10


Silent Hill 2

Not as new as you’d like but still scary.

Good old Silent Hill. The second part of this franchise is probably the scariest one ot the same time. While modern games currently have much better technology to allow the player to get insanely scared, this title despite its age is still able to make you tremble with fear.

Silent Hill 2 was developed by Team Silent and released in 2001.

How’s it played?

Silent Hill 2 is a TPP (third person perspective) title with the main character focused on exploring stuff rather than destroying it. This being said, combat in this game is not so important, unlike various puzzles throughout the game. The entire set is very dark, and being able to do certain actions require you to to be in a place with some light sources (or simply have working flashlight).

How the story begins…

The story follows a life of James Sunderland who decides to visit Silent Hill after he received a letter from his deceased wife Mary, who died 3 years earlier. The protagonist quickly meets a person who is very similar to Maria but her personality is much different from the one he remembers…

Figure out the rest of the story for yourself.

Scare level: 6.5/10


Slender: The Eight Pages

Serve yourself a heart attack for free…

Extremely scary (and fun) to play survival horror indie game that you may finish after just 10 minutes. The entire game takes place in the forest during the night. It is played in a FPP. Your objective is to collect 8 pages scattered around the prison, while being chased by mysterious Slender man. The entire set is so dark that barely anything is visible, even with the flashlight equipped at all times. As the game progresses the Slender man approaches closer to the player. Not getting caught is surprisingly a huge challenge for most.

If you are looking for something to quickly scare a family member or your friend (or yourself), you may easily download Slender for free from the web. The game does not provide elaborate gameplay nor is long at all, but we are sure that everyone who plays the game for the first time, will be scared.


Scare level: 9/10


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

So dark, So Scary.

Initially released in September 2010 and developed by Frictional Games, Amnesia: The Dark Descent aims at keeping you scared for prolonged periods of time (oh… and which game doesn’t right?).

How’s it played?

This is yet another title played in FPP. The game does not focus on combat, but rather than that prefers interaction in form of puzzles solved with the use of game physics. Other interactions that are available are simply opening various doors, repairing etc.

Beside health bar that is present in almost every game, developers also created a sanity management. This becomes important when our main protagonist remains in the dark for too long or sees very disturbing things. When the main character’s sanity is dropping significantly, bad things may start to happen.

How the story begins?

The game takes place in August 1839, with Daniel as the main character. It is a young man living in London who awakened in Prussian Brennenburg Castle with his memory literally wipes out (except of the memory of his name). He wrote a note to himself, where he told himself that he deliberately wiped out own memory and is currently chased by a “shadow”. Throughout the story, Daniel continues to find new notes and uncover the mysteries of the Castle…


Scare level: 6/10


There are many titles that allow you to raise your adrenaline level and feel the chill of fear. However, the titles we’ve presented here, should definitely satisfy every gamer or person who wants to be scared a little bit during halloween.

If you liked the list then go and play one of the game listed and always remember to record them with our game recorder Mirillis Action!

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