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A video that you upload, is by default set to be public. Every time you upload, you need to set video privacy settings. However, among upload choices, you may choose to upload a video as an “unlisted”. If you’re wondering what exactly ‘unlisted’ video is, then you’ve come to the right place.

Change video privacy

If you’ve set video privacy to public, but changed your mind, here is what you have to do:

  • Log into your YouTube account and go to Creators studio
  • Go to creators studio
  • Click Edit on the video you want to change privacy settings of
  • In video screen search for the privacy option, click on a drop-down menu, and change it to the desired option.YouTube's user panel

Private videos

Videos that can be seen only by the channel owner and people selected by him are labeled as “private” on YouTube. The video becomes invisible to all users except those selected to see it. You may freely change who may view the video at any time.
Simply click “share” under the privacy settings menu. All you have to do is to add email addresses of people with whom you want to share the video.
The only requirement you need to pass to share private video is to have your Google+ account linked w YouTube channel, or verify your YouTube account.

Unlisted video

Unlisted videos can be viewed if you have shared a video URL with them. It doesn’t require you to mark a specific person who can view a video. As long as a person has the URL, he/she can view it. What makes Unlisted video different from a public video is that nobody will be able to see it in your Videos tab of your channel page and in search results.
Exception: When someone who has the link to your unlisted video adds it to their playlists, other people will be able to view it and search for it on YouTube

Once you upload unlisted video, load it and send a URL to people you want to have access to it. Once they click this link, they will have an access to it. People who receive the link do not require Google account to watch the video. Pretty much everyone who has the URL can view the video. Be careful when sharing the link, as it might be watched by unwanted people.


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