Why windows 10 is better than Windows 7?

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As someone who’s been using Windows 10 since it’s very beginnings, I do believe that it should have been present since the very release of Windows 8. In this article I’d like to present you with some arguments for this statement:
As a disclaimer, this article is written from a perspective of a typical user.

First of all, security.
Windows 10 is (after a long struggle) finally a mature system in this respect
For an ordinary user, security should be just as important as for a company that stores and processes user data. Activities that we have transferred to the network infrastructure – i.e. banking, communication channels at work, private photos, other private data should oblige us to take care of our own safety. Microsoft in Windows 10 makes it much easier for us and if we do not hinder the system too much, then nothing bad will happen to us.

The security of Windows 10 is based on two key issues – the presence of the Defender antivirus engine, which turns out to be just as effective as any other package. Of course, it will not be able to provide us with everything that modern security solutions can do, but for a conscious user, it will be absolutely enough.

These include not only new features but also fixes for vulnerabilities that have been found. Therefore, if you want to be sure that you are protected in the best possible way – do not be afraid to run the Windows update. Even if you think that a dangerous infection cannot happen to you, or nobody will gain access to your data – do it at least as a precaution.

One system – new functions.
Windows 10 is continuously being developed. Recently Microsoft released a spring update which introduced yet another set of new features and quality of life improvements.
Windows 10 has already undergone lots of major changes already. A lot of new features have been added, and on average, once a year, Microsoft releases another update, which offers users completely new and needed additions. The closest package of such improvements will bring, among others native Progressive Web Apps that will work not only on Windows but on any device with a browser that supports modern interpreters for “web” applications. Apart from that, Spring Creators Update will bring new innovations in terms of upgrading the interface – it is definitely worth waiting for

Windows 10 is a must for all Xbox One users
Using the Windows store on your PC, you can buy a specific game or alternatively, by using the Xbox application for Windows 10, I can start streaming from the console directly to the computer. Thanks to this, there aren’t any major problems with the fact that I go with the console somewhere away – where, for example, connecting it to an external display would otherwise be a bit difficult. The only downside of streaming is a bit “annoying” configuration: streaming works best with “cable” and what’s more, it’s worth turning on the sharing of an active Internet connection. Not only that, the user must be logged in to the same account both on the console and on the PC (sometimes it is difficult to get without a visible picture).

Windows 10 just more stable and faster than Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
If you expect Windows to be a really fast and trustworthy system – mainly in terms of performance, you should not be disappointed. What’s more, you don’t even need a strong machine to have a very stable working system up and running. Windows 10 on such equipment simply works – of course, there are differences between much more expensive and better-equipped PCs, but even in a situation where “under the hood” we have nothing to boast about, the latest windows will be able to do it. It is worth mentioning that on my laptop I started with Windows 8.1 and … the difference was really big. If you own an SSD disk, an upgrade will result in system opening in less than 5 seconds. My own PC runs Windows much faster than my screen manages to light up (so I usually tend to input password before I can see the input on the screen).

Stability of the system – no reason to complain
An absolute majority of users do not encounter ANY problems with the system after any of the updates. Only a fraction of percentage stumble upon a glitch, sometimes very difficult to get rid of, which is usually fixed within 24 hours of the reported issue. In case you don’t like the update or feel like it slows down your PC, Windows keeps the previous build so you can revert back to previous version.

In addition, Windows 10 is really well adapted to both heavy, and prolonged periods of work. First of all – it is quite impervious to the installation of further programs which used to slow down PC significantly in older Windows versions, and in addition – rarely does it encounter any serious failures. Even if it occurs, the situation can be saved. In Windows 7, there were times when even an unexpected system shutdown could have caused a nasty surprise.

Growing popularity
Windows 7 is already beginning to lose popularity with Windows 10
Recent reports on this topic indicate that … Windows 10 broke the popularity of the previous leader – Windows 7. It was a really great operating system – it improved errors present commonly in Vista (although it’s worth mentioning that it was basically not much different from its last Service Pack…) and what’s important – it offered unmatched system stability. Unfortunately, both the interface and some of the mechanisms in Windows 7 have already grown old and have been replaced by new ones, better in Windows 10. Support for the “seven” will not last forever – however, you may expect that it will be updated for at least couple of years.

Microsoft Edge Browser
While most users avoid Microsoft browsers, but in reality, you might find it very useful, especially as a basic user. Fast, lightweight and what’s important – perfectly optimized. Windows 10 together with Microsoft Edge really doesn’t eat your laptop battery – you can be sure that if you already use the new Microsoft browser, then your laptop will really work for a long time on one charge cycle (unlike Google Chrome). In addition, it integrates with the versions for iOS and Android, and also works great with the Microsoft Launcher created for the Google system. If you care about the coherence of the correlation between a computer <-> smartphone, it is essential for you.

Tiles are now really neat in Windows 10
In comparison to Windows 8, Windows 10 have decreased their size and purpose. While in Windows 8 and 8.1 they played the main part in the new Start Menu, in Windows 10 creators restored a well-known principle of operation of this area and again became a comprehensive place where we run the requested application, go to settings, shut down the system and so on. But, in Windows 10 you can use those tiles but if you do not need them, it is simply possible to turn them off.

Forget about installing drivers – Windows 10 can handle it alone
Still in Windows 7, I had to take care to install all the major drivers. In Windows 8 and 8.1 it was a kind of “lottery”. However, in Windows 10 I do not have to worry about it – regardless of whether they are sets of instructions for the graphics card, or a quick charge mechanism from the USB 3.0 port. The operating system will recognize all devices and find the best drivers for them. How it’s working? Surprisingly well – recently I did not have to worry about whether I should install them. And I’m fresh after playing with Linux. The return to Windows 10 was completely painless. One extremely great feature of Windows 10 is the fact that you DO NOT have to reinstall your system after you change your motherboard. When I upgraded my PC with new motherboard I realized that for the time being I couldn’t install fresh Windows installation because it did not read my USB port, and I didn’t have any Windows 10 disk to run. Imagine my surprise when I tried to run my PC and after slightly longer than usual loading time it simply opened and installed all the new drivers I needed. Of course, a couple of days later I made a reinstall anyway, but I do really appreciate such feature which gave me access to my PC right away.

Better multi-screen support, the ability to add desktops
Previously, this was only available as part of programs modifying the Windows layer a bit, and from version 10 it is possible natively. Windows 10 will allow you to add several work desktops, so that working in many programs will be much more enjoyable. It is also possible to set a separate scaling for different screens – People working on many displays will certainly appreciate this solution from Windows 10.

Windows is simply the best available Microsoft operating system
Some doubts could have been made when comparing the “seven” with the “eight” or the variant 8.1. Such doubts can no longer happen in the case of compiling “tens” with previous versions. Updates, security, constantly added features and a modern interface mean that there is no better choice at the moment. Do not let the rumors of spying telemetry (which works like Android or iOS) fool you, let no one try to convince you that, after all, you must use the tiles in Windows 10. Owners of Macs, Linux fans will probably say that they know much better operating systems and … they will be right. But it is Windows that is the most universal.

Author: Mirillis Team

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  • Weilan says:

    What a blatant advertisement this article is.

    This is a pure lie. Windows 10 is worse than Windows 7. It still has some good sides to it, though.

    The Good:
    – supports DX12
    – comes with many redistributables pre-installed
    – comes with many drivers out of the box

    The Bad:
    – it has tons of bloatware
    – it’s UI is atrocious
    – the freedom given to the user has greatly diminished since the Windows 7 days
    – the UI again.. it’s consistency is non-existent – it’s a complete mess – there is the remnant of Control Panel still holding valuable settings, and there is the Settings app, which gives out a very limited options given by the simplistic look it has
    – when you install Windows 10 you have to spend an hour disabling all the bloatware crap that comes with it and deal with the rest that you can’t remove
    – the UI again… the trend that the UI of Windows 10 sets on all software across the web is horrible – everything like a beta project – flat rectangles, solid colors, it’s like we’re back in 1996 with the horrors of Netscape, Opera and Mosaic

    Overall the cons outweigh the pros by a large margin.

    Updates? Security? Bah! You can use a Windows 7 SP1 without any updates, Update service disabled and no antivirus and with enough common sense you can avoid every single virus, whereas, with the latest build of Windows 10, maximum security and the best up-to-date Antivirus software, nothing can save you from your own stupidity and illiteracy with computers.

    Windows 7 is still just as usable as Windows 10, if not even more due to its simplicity, user-friendliness and overall stability and consistency. Windows 7 is a lot more stable, because if you go on a rampage deleting random system files, Windows 7 will still be usable by a long shot. On Windows 10 if you dare delete some of those APP files that are for the apps like Store, Calculator, Pictures and the likes, your taskbar will stop functioning properly – you won’t be able to open the clock, network, Start Menu, only the pinned items will still work, but you won’t be able to manage them i.e. pin new ones, remove or move old ones.

    Windows 10 is a pure garbage. I used to think Windows 8 was the biggest garbage, but after seeing Windows 10 I take that back. Windows 8 is pretty much Windows 7 with a few nasty additions that can be disabled or even removed and it will look and act just like Windows 7.

    Windows 10 is a mess, a horrible operating system that doesn’t know what it is or what it wants to be and Microsoft aren’t making it look any better when they release “BIG UPDATES” that consist of ninja cats riding raptors or adding more emojis… what a joke.

    Please take your pathetic advertisement article with you and go hide somewhere.

  • TianlanSha says:

    Lies, Windows 7 is better than Windows 10 will ever be.

  • UK says:

    Windows 10 is far better than windows 7. The user interface of Windows 10 is just amazing as compared to Windows 7, Windows 7 is just a basic version and upgraded version of Windows Vista. Windows 10 has Cortana which add a special benefit to windows 10. Windows 10 uses Edge browser which is much faster than internet explorer in windows 7. Simply windows 10 is more stable than windows 7. If you need more support you can check the website.

  • peter parker says:

    Windows 10 is more better than windows 7. The reason is that Windows 10 is more compatible than the other versions of windows or it having some unique features.

  • brother says:

    I have finally upgraded my PC from Windows 10 to Windows 7. I can’t play some of my games in Windows 10 (even the most decent games), so Windows 7 is better for me.