14 great ideas of what you can do with Action! Screen Recorder

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Nowadays it’s probably very hard to imagine a life without a screen recording software. We use screen recorders to capture any area of the screen either as a video file or screenshots. We record screencasts and tutorials, capture webcams or record PC games.

But did you know that your screen recorder can do probably much more?

Honestly speaking, everything depends on your needs and… imagination! That’s why in this article, we would like to help you discover the best ideas, practices & tips to squeeze the most out of your screen capture software.

These days, recording a screen with webcam & audio is a standard and it comes to the same regarding making on-screen annotations and taking screenshots. However, there are programs that offer more features and from the sea of screen recording software & apps, you can fish out true pearls.

Action! is one of the most intuitive and user-friendly tools for screen recording and Live streaming  that offers one of the best video output quality.

Before you continue to read, you can download the software and check it yourself for free.

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Below you will find 14 useful tips & ideas on how you can get the most from Action! screencasting software right now!

1. Record video tutorials with webcam & audio for a YouTube channel.

Do you have a YouTube channel? Are you interested in technology news, latest software solutions etc.? Would you like to help your viewers and followers understand how to handle a sophisticated software step by step? If yes, Action! is a perfect tool for you. With Action! you can record great tutorials or webinars with a webcam and voice commentary. You can make annotations using on-screen drawing panel to make your message even more transparent and clear. You may also apply Chroma Key with Green Screen feature or live stream your video directly to your favorite platform.

2. Capture voice and record podcast for a blog.

If you want to record a podcast for a blog post, you do not need any dedicated audio recording program like Audacity, because you can get similar results with Action! What’s more, the recording process is extremely easy, so you start/stop the recording with a single hotkey (F10 by default). Of course, there are many different ways to capture audio with Action!. If you are interested, then we recommend watching this short video tutorial below.

3. Take a screenshot & save heaps of time

Did you know that one screenshot can save more than 1000 words? Yes, that’s true, so instead of making endless notes just take a picture of your computer screen. You can first make some annotations, add arrows, text, shapes, colors etc. then press F12 to grab a full screenshot of your desktop. The picture is automatically saved in Action!’s file library and can be easily accessible any time you need it. You can either grab an image of any area of your screen using “Area” mode. Learn more about Action! screenshot feature in the article How to take a screenshot? Fast and easy way to capture screen.

4. Take a screenshot or record video for bug reporting & troubleshooting

Have you ever tried to describe a problem with your software to a support team? How much time did you spend on exchanging emails with the support before you got help? Did you know that this tedious and long process could be much shorter if you employ visuals to your communications? In our company, we ask our customers to provide the customer service with a video sample or a screenshot showing the problem. This helps us easily localize where the issue occurs, eliminate confusion and ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Retain knowledge in your company

Do you run a business? Have you ever faced the situation where your important employee got retired or just move on from your company? Stressful situation, right? Do you know that thanks to the video you can actually keep this knowledge in the company? All you need to do is to ask your employee to record step-by-step video instructions with detail audio explanations of their workflows and all the important tasks they were responsible for at work. You can also record an interview with a webcam to archive the knowledge that will serve as a video guide for future employees.

6. Create a splendid “Thank you” video to make customers feel special

We already know that 2018 is a year of video. Video recording and streaming has been gaining a lot of popularity in a few last years. Why is this happening? Visual communications appear to be much more attractive than written text. If you have a blog or you are the owner of YouTube channel, you run your own company, non-profit organization or whatever online business you have, you should prepare a “Thank you” video for your customers or supporters. Why? It builds trust and connections with people and let them feel special and appreciated. No matter what type of business you own, a “Thank you” video is a great way to express your gratitude.

7. Prepare an outstanding “Welcome video”

It’s always nice to receive a warm welcome video, right? Even if your viewers or potential customers do not expect to see a “Welcome video” on your website or channel, creating such a material is a great opportunity to make your first impression. It will help you raise awareness of your brand and company, build trust and give a human touch to your business. It also gives you the opportunity to present what your business/channel is and what your customers might expect. Nobody wants to buy from anonymous websites, that is why preparing a video that is authentic, warm and friendly increases greatly the chance to win a loyal customer.

8. Make a video email signature

Video email signature is a short video added next to your signature, that explains more about who you are, what’s your job and what is the purpose of your email. Such a solution helps you communicate with others in a more friendly way. Say goodbye to routine, be creative and prepare awesome video for your email signature. Attract the recipient of your email with an unusual form of communication. Introduce yourself and be authentic. Do your best to make the best first impression.

9. Ask customers to record video reviews of your products

If you think seriously of your business then you should know that online reviews are hugely important for you. Positive online reviews of satisfied customers increase sales, help other clients make a better choice and more conscious decision, improve rankings, allows consumers to have a voice and more! Posting a video review of satisfied customers on your website will enhance the credibility of your business and make it more trustworthy.

10. Record reporting progress

Progress reporting is a major task of project management. However, cold facts might sometimes bore our listeners to death. Is it possible to make the progress reporting more interesting and enjoyable? Yes. Everything depends on our creativity and imagination. With screen recording software, you can prepare an interesting presentation with your voice commentary and webcam. You may include step-by-step analysis presented in a light and listener-friendly way.

11. Live stream directly to your audience

Do you know why is live streaming so popular? Live streaming arouses more emotions since there is no place to video edits or improvements. Everything is how we see it and there is no chance to cut something off in case of failure or slip. That’s why we like live streaming so much. There are not many screen recording software on the market that are both screen recording and streaming tools but Action! is. The software has many live streaming features that make the live stream even more interesting. If you like to know more about Action! live streaming check the following article: What are Overlay Sources and how to use Streaming Overlays to create a Pro looking LIVE Stream.

More ideas…

12. Dubbing a video: mute and record own narration

Have you ever tried to check your voice over skills? If not you should try and see how fun this could be. Even if you’re not a dubbing actor you can create a really great dubbing video for your website, YouTube channel or just for your friends to laugh your head off. The process is pretty easy. Record your video without the audio, prepare your script, enable microphone feature in Action! and record video again together with your voice. If you would like to learn about Action! microphone settings, have a look at the video below.

13. Record your gameplay

With Action! you can record an outstanding video of your gameplay with webcam and voice commentary. Action! is a powerful and feature-packed game recorder that will capture the best moments of your gameplay. Create a smooth and breathtaking video of your favorite games and upload them quickly to YouTube or Facebook. Check all Action!’s gaming features and surprise your viewers with the amazing quality of your videos. Check our Gameplay recording tutorials to learn how to capture games with Action!

14. Make a funny Meme

Did you know that thanks to on-screen drawing panel added to Action!, you can create your own mems? The process of meme creation is very easy. All you need to do is to open Action!, enable on-screen drawing tool, add a funny caption to a picture of your dog, cat or guinea pig or whatever you want, adjust region, take a screenshot and tadah…! Meme is ready.

To sum up…

As you can see, a screen recorder might not only be a useful tool that helps you solve tasks and saves your time at work. It might be as well a great tool that serves entertainment and fun. The possibilities are probably endless and everything depends on you.

Hope you feel inspired by the above ideas. It would be great if you could share with us your most common use for Action! screen recording software? Do you capture games, tutorials or you benchmark your PC? Whatever you do with Action! share your experience in the comment section below. We are waiting for your ideas!


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