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Broadcasting and live gameplay streaming has literally taken the gaming world by storm. With the sudden boom of gaming streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch, gamers are now finding ways on how they can easily and conveniently record live gameplay for later sharing with friends, families or spectators. Indeed, playing games online has never been this interesting and diverse.

How to record live gameplay can be both simple and challenging, but if you have the right tools and equipment readily available on hand, then this should go as easy as counting 1-2-3. If you want to broadcast live gameplay but don’t know how and where to start, check out this guide after the jump.

Basic Gameplay Recording Tools: Hardware

Depending on the game you wish to play, or gaming console you are using, there are different hardware tools you need to start recording. Additionally, the required hardware heavily relies on the quality of video you want to produce. If you want to achieve high definition videos with great attention to details, you will need HD and premier recording equipment. A basic home setup on the other hand is usually enough for beginners trying to broadcast via twitch or YouTube gameplay.

1. Computer Specification: subject on the program you will be using, platform and streaming service, computer specs are going to be completely different. Twitch for example requires your PC to at least have an Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB DDR3 memory and minimum of Windows 7 operating system. If you are planning to stream old school classic games, a basic consumer laptop with decent specs is usually more than enough. But for HD game titles with lots of visual effects, you’ll want to use a gaming laptop or rigged personal computer equipped with performance-based hardware.

2. Headset and Microphone: let’s play game recording is very much different compared to a video game walkthrough in the sense that it comes with audio commentary. And having a high quality audio is a must if you want to gain more followers. Sure that a headset with microphone will definitely be cheaper but it’s hard to find a good quality headset + mic that will give you the best of both worlds. A separate headset and microphone is always advisable for high quality commentary as well as smooth in-game chatting.

3. Webcam: your live game streaming wouldn’t be complete without showing yourself on cam literally playing the game. This is where your webcam comes handy. Although this is not a mandatory requirement whenever you record live gameplay, people loves to see gamers reaction while playing. Additionally, it makes the broadcasting process more personalize and engaging. Most DSLRs will do but a decent USB webcam is just as efficient if you don’t have the budget.

4. Capture Cards: for those who wants to record live gameplay via gaming consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation, then you will need a capture card which is a game recording hardware to properly display your stream. Again, depending on the video game you want to broadcast, certain titles require specific card configuration. You can choose between an internal capture card or external capture card. Internal capture cards go well with desktop computers while laptop users can opt for external capture cards. Before buying capture cards, make sure that all ports are compatible with your computer, TV and gaming console.

Video Screen Recorder:  Software

Along with the various hardware and equipment you need to be able to stream live gameplays, using a reliable and high quality video recording software is equally important. If you want your live gameplay to be successful, it should always be presented with utmost uniqueness, clarity, substance and style. A gameplay broadcast with poor editing and commentary will just be ditched by most viewers.

There are tons of video recording software available on the internet but not all of them are capable enough to create high quality streams. If you’re in search for an efficient, dependable and foolproof program packed with great recording features, the Action! Screen Recorder would be your best bet.

Action! Screen Recorder

Compatible to all versions of Windows including Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, the Action! Screen Recorder is not your ordinary video recording software. Aside from the ability to stream and record live gameplay, you can also use it to capture web videos, record music, capture screenshots, add webcam, create audio commentary via microphone, add special effects and many more.

Specially made for hardcore gamers, the Action! Screen Recorder is packed with amazing features very much useful for all your YouTube or Twitch recording needs. Some of its well-known features are as follows but not limited to:

1. Simple Interface: no more looking for that export button or splitting screen just to view your gameplay and recording, the Action! Screen Recorder comes in a stylish and compact interface with most buttons readily available for utmost convenience.

2. Greenscreen Mode: compare to other software, the Mirillis Action! allow users to cut-out the background while recording so they can easily blend in with the game background. No special camera tricks or additional software needed, this feature is built-in within the program.

3. Support for Various Devices: being compatible to various devices, this program can record from gaming consoles, computers, TV broadcast, webcam or even camcorders. Additionally, the Action! Screen Recorder can directly live stream on various platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.

4. High Resolution Recording: whether you want to record in full 4K resolution down to 2K resolution, the Action! Screen Recorder will support it. And if you have AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA 3D Vision, recording of up to 8K resolution is even possible.

5. Various Gameplay Effects: with its 120fps recording feature, gamers do have an option to produce high quality slow motion effects that are smooth and distortion free. Users can also capture multiple game screenshots by simply pressing a hot key.

Other features of the Action! Screen Recorder includes adding live audio commentary, responsive video player, recording audio, support for gaming accessories such as mouse and keyboard, RCU Android app for mobile monitoring, adding webcam to gameplay recordings, and many more.

How to record live gameplay might be challenging and complicated but preparing and gathering all the things you need ahead of time is the ultimate key to success. Remember to choose the appropriate game title, needed equipment and streaming platform to avoid incompatibility issues as well as poor broadcasting performance. In the end, a properly planned and curated live game streaming will always garner attention worldwide. So keep your streams as polished as possible with the help of these tools and programs.

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