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We have recently reached 25,000 likes on our Facebook Fan page, and want to thank you for your big support! We really appreciate it and want to give you away 5 keys with single, life-time commercial license.

In order to win, you need to answer this question: What do you plan to record with Mirillis Action! screen recorder?

The best answers will receive a prize! Your comments will be sent to a “draft”, so no one could copy other answers and use them as his own. All comments will be approved after the competition.
We will send the prize directly to the winners via email.

The competition starts today  09.10.2018 and ends on 12.10.2018

The terms and conditions:

1. By participating in this competition you agree to receive emails from Mirillis Ltd.

2. Participation Period: The Contest is open for participation from 9th October 2018 to 12th October 2018.

3. The winner is notified directly: The main prize winners will  be notified directly via email by 13 October 2018

4. Contest organizer: The Contest is organized by Mirillis Ltd, having its principle place of business at ul. Fabryczna 14b/1, 65-410, Zielona Góra, woj. Lubuskie, Poland

5. Personal Data: By participating in this contest the participant accepts that the personal details will be processed by Mirillis Ltd. in order to administer the Contest.

6. You can contact us via

7. By participating, you accept the terms of this competition.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments!

Thank you again, you are amazing!

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  • Joachim D C says:

    I plan to record gameplay videos and tutorials for my 580+ subs youtube channel LolzChannel. I really like Action. Its the best screen recorder!


  • Hristo Paul says:

    I plan to record competitive R6Siege as well as upcoming Battlefield V game. One of the main reasons to use your software is well-optimized QuickSync to be able to use iGPU to its full potential.

  • Anderson says:

    friend I will use to record everything, not just games mainly by the screen capture feature.

  • bennie holloway says:

    I plan to record anything and everything I may need or want because Mirillis Action just does it all great.

  • Melker Liljegren says:

    Hey! I plan to record my funny moments I have on GTA V with my friends, because in the future it will be fun to look back at the time you were younger and had fun with friends.

  • Sam Kar-Grr says:

    Thanks Mirillis Team for the offer.
    I’m working towards putting my courses on as an Instructor. For the same I want my vidoes to be best made and well edited. As the draft videos requires lot of editing and cutting blank time, pauses, I would be very happy to use the recorder as well as editing/other tools in Mirillis Action to get the job done in the best manner without breaking my head with various other tools to accomplish the tasks.

    I hope to have Mirillis Action help in my journey as a udemy Instructor.

    Thanks, Sam

  • Record the world’s best game with the world’s best screen recorder action

  • Alejandro Donoso says:

    I want to record all types of games, even livestream.
    But not only gameplays, this also includes guides, tutorials, and I could continue…

  • Bhaa Muhammad says:

    What you plan to record with Mirillis Action! screen recorder?

    to record my kids great moments on pc : games , puzzles , Trials , errors & success.That will be a great memories for all of us

  • prabhath says:

    I like to use Mirillis Action as a my screen recorder and game capture soft badly.I’m currently using SnagIt and it was little slow on my PC.Mirillis Action’s cool GUI and other great features are awesome and I like it.hope to get a license for me.Thank you very much.I’m already fan On FB.(Prabhath Kaushalya)

  • Piotr says:

    Dzień Dobry.
    O tym programie marzy mój syn. Gdybym wygrał zrobiłbym mu niezły prezent.

    Z poważaniem
    Piotr N.


    Good day. My son dreams about this program. If I won, I would make a nice gift for him. Yours sincerely, Piotr N.

  • Tarek says:

    What you plan to record with Mirillis Action! screen recorder?

    I need Mirillis Action for: webcams recording, record my desktop screen for many tutorial creations, live streaming service of youtube and facebook with the ability to direct upload of any video. In addition, 4k support of game and screen recording is a wonderful feature. The audio only recording is one of the useful tools that I need. The simple interface and easy to use Mirillis Action make it the best choice for me

  • Ali says:

    capure desktop