How to become a Youtuber? – part 1

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The great inventions of the 21st century brought us many things that allow us to show ourselves to the world. YouTube is one of those inventions, that gained popularity so swiftly, that sometimes we just can’t follow the rapid pace of quality-of-life improvements.

Every year, more and more people attempt to present themselves, their ideas, their hobbies on YouTube simply to share what they love doing. The problem occurs when someone uploads their 10th video and they don’t seem to get a single subscriber (or a single view!). Becoming a recognizable Youtuber nowadays may be comparable to becoming a famous singer. So the question may be stated here: What can I do to get more views and subscribers? The answer to this question is not too hard to be honest, but putting a theory into practice is another thing entirely. We’ll try to give as many hints that may help you grow popularity on YouTube as I can over.

1.Come up with general concept of your channel

Before you upload your first video, take a pen and a piece of paper and try to visualize your ideas, how the channel would look like, how often you would post videos, what would be the general subject of your videos. The possibilities are practically endless, starting from either general vlogs or specific field vlogs. You can focus on games which seem to be very important part of YouTube community nowadays. Perhaps you find yourself in a place to record cooking tutorials, or simply showing your cooking skills to the more specified audience. Whatever you come up with, in the end, you can achieve great results (although remember that some channels will be much more difficult to promote than others due to the subject). Put all your imagination on that piece of paper and then show it to your target audience and their initial reaction.

2. Get motivated!

Let’s say that you got the approval. Now is the time to get a motivation! Most of the time, YouTube beginnings are very rough and you can’t simply give up when you’ve only just started your adventure.

3. Learn the basics of video editing and video recording

You surely know that getting a camera and/or screen recording software is absolutely necessary, alongside other tools such as a proper microphone and other things. But making a mess out of the video is out of the question. For starters, YouTube video editor should be enough for you until you get a good hang of this. Other than that, what makes people click the video in a first place, except desirable title? The answer is ‘thumbnails’. These are reduced versions of pictures that are supposed to help viewers recognize the content of your video. Thumbnails are considered one of the most important aspects of editing on YouTube. The better the thumbnail is, the more likely it becomes that your potential viewer watches your video. So make sure those are polished as well.

Those are the first three main hints we share with you at the moment before you even upload your videos. For more hints, check out the next part!

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