How to make viral video?

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I guess the marketers or any content creator’s dream is the situation in which content about a given product, person, or themselves (and the most positive one) is spreading rapidly through the network, creating at the same incredible range, and all this at a low cost. This description probably explains the definition of viral quite enough – enough interesting content that is quickly becoming popular on the Internet.

Exactly – the keyword: interesting. There is probably no person who has not seen any video (or its remake) titled “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!” or “David after dentist“. So what in these films was so interesting that they quickly gained popularity on the web? There are more video types (not only those funny) that become virals. Reasons for why they become viral will be presented below.


Analyzing the various contents that have become known as “viral”, one can distinguish several characteristic features. Very often, the first of them is based on emotions. People like content that touches them, make them laugh, annoy them. This explains why you can see the history of a girl from Thailand who loses her dog after taking care for him for years and so she decides to become a veterinary. This is also known by brands that (in) extreme emotions are referenced in the materials they publish, hoping that the content will quickly gain popularity and cover the entire Internet within its reach. It is this element that binds all the others – everything is accompanied by some emotions, sensations, feelings – whether it is laughter, or emotion, or anger.


A perfect example is a well-known video about fake job posting prank (#worldstoughestjob). Funny and absurd elements are often used in virals. In this case, prank video turns into emotional and touching type. Prank marketing has even its conventional name – “prankvertising”.


The old maxim will say, “It does not matter how they talk about you, it’s important that they do not misspeak the name.” It is probably for those who, in the content they publish, put up with cheapness and trash. This is quite common for marketers


That is completely opposite to the previous point. Nice to look at nice views, well-realized frames, interesting shots, right?


How many times have you met on the web with film/photos showing non-standard marketing communication media: murals like for example new God of War mural in Warsaw, smart billboards, arranged bus stops, etc. I guess it was a bit of it – no wonder people like new, non-standard solutions and they willingly make them available.


I think that viral cannot be planned. Whether something “grabs attention” depends primarily on people, but you can help a bit of luck. How? First of all, determine who we want to hit with the content – well identify our target group. As a rule, viral content reaches very different groups, but to make it easier to start, it is worth choosing a strictly defined group of recipients and adapting the message to them. If we care about the local community, perhaps it is worth referring to their features and customs?

As mentioned, the case of whether the content prepared by you will go viral depends hugely on the audience and actual luck. Yes, we can help ourselves by following the rules above, but when it doesn’t work for the first time, do not give up. Let’s try further, to finally the desired effect. Maybe not very intrusive promotion of a given material? Or create something completely new?

Check the web, search for all kinds of virals and learn from them. Here is one of my favorites:


Remember that there is no specific rule to the creation of virals. You may even record those while playing your game on PC. So… when you do decide to record it, make sure you record with Action! – your video will not only be funny/silly or contains any of the features described above, but it will also look incredibly!

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