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Esport Tournaments and prize pools in 2017

December 20, 2017 Category: , Leave your thoughts

Each year shows significant growth in E-sport industry. It’s very likely than in next couple of years the revenue from e-sports for single player will match earning of professional NBA or football player that can easily earn 20 million dollars per tournament (not counting money from various commercials and other kind of activity). Tournament organizers do not really hide the prize pool available for the winners. The numbers of noticeable...

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E-sport Tournaments

Esport Gaming Industry

October 23, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

The Esport Gaming Industry If you’re remotely interested in computer games and online gaming, you may well have heard of Esport gaming, and indeed you may have taken part in Esport tournaments and other video game competitions. Video gaming has become phenomenally popular in recent years, with millions spent on games and accessories, and thousands of games released each year. Gaming companies are always working towards the best possible graphics...

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