Esport Gaming Industry

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The Esport Gaming Industry

If you’re remotely interested in computer games and online gaming, you may well have heard of Esport gaming, and indeed you may have taken part in Esport tournaments and other video game competitions. Video gaming has become phenomenally popular in recent years, with millions spent on games and accessories, and thousands of games released each year. Gaming companies are always working towards the best possible graphics and gameplay, integrating phenomenal effects, art, and sound to make their games stand out, so it’s hardly surprising that gaming has taken off in such a huge way, and that – being a competitive species – we’ve made a sport out of it.


What Is Esport

The term Esport refers to the best gamers competing against each other online in tournaments and competitions to show off their skills. These are often available on streams or even livestreams, and millions of people enjoy watching, just as with physical sports that have been played for generations.


The Biggest Esport Tournaments

The tournaments are, of course, where players are able to make their money by competing against others and it’s not a bad way to earn some real cash either, with phenomenally high prizes at some tournaments. For example, The International 2014‘s top team won a cheque of over $5 000 000, which sounds pretty good for being a fantastic gamer. It was hosted by Valve, creators of Steam, in an arena with a seating capacity of 17000.


There’s also Riot’s League of Legends World Championship, and the MLG Pro Circuit, with both offering massive payouts to the best teams. Prizes can also include expensive gaming equipment and new PCs. Across the world, countries have created bodies to manage Esports, make sure that tournaments are played out fairly, and deal with all the intricacies of gaming tournaments. It’s pretty clear that Esports is making a big mark on the world, and offer very attractive prizes to anyone who can stand out in this area.


The Most Popular Esport Teams

Unsurprisingly, given the enormously appealing prizes on offer, there are a lot of ESports teams, and like with any competitive game, they all have dedicated, loyal fan-bases watching their every move and cheering them along. One of the top-ranked ones currently is Team Liquid, as well as Newbee, who won The International 2014’s major prize, and others like Evil Geniuses, Wings Gaming, and Cloud9.


Most Important ESport Games

There are also many, many different games which are played as part of Esports, and making any sort of definitive list is pretty impossible. However, some of the top ones include League of Legends (unsurprisingly, since it has its own tournament names after it), Counter-Strike, which has survived in the gaming world since 1999 and remains phenomenally popular, and FIFA. It seems that while you can make money playing football for real, the love and enthusiasm of fans has also translated onto the screen, and you can earn some pretty serious prizes with a mouse as well as with your feet. There are so many more games in ESport; a basic rule of thumb is that if it can be played competitively, it will be.

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