GIVEAWAY – win a life-time commercial Mirillis Action! license

September 14, 2017 Category: , 60 Comments

Today we just got 20,000 followers on our Facebook Fan page, and want to thank you for your big support! 🙂 We decided to give away 5 keys with single, life-time commercial license.

In order to win, you need to answer the question given here: Action! game recorder GIVEAWAY

The best answers will receive a prize! Your comments will be sent to a “draft”, so no one could copy other answers and use them as his own. All comments will be approved after the competition.

Action screen recorder giveaway

The terms and conditions:

1. By participating in this competition you agree to receive emails from Mirillis Ltd.

2. Participation Period: The Contest is open for participation from 14th September 2017 to 21st September 2017.

3.The winner is notified directly: The main prize winners will  be notified directly via email by 22nd September 2017

4. Contest organizer: The Contest is organized by Mirillis Ltd, having its principle place of business at ul. Fabryczna 14b/1, 65-410, Zielona Góra, woj. Lubuskie, Poland

5. Personal Data: By participating in this Contest the participant accepts that the personal details will be processed by Mirillis Ltd. in order to administer the Contest.

6. You can contact us via

7. By participating, you accept the terms of this competition.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments!

Thank you again, you are amazing! 🙂


Author: Mirillis Team

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    What will I do?
    I will record gameplay at 60fps and quick highlight since Action! is easy to use for beginner like me.One button to record at any time,why not?
    I want to have Action! since it release but I kept missing the offer and don’t have enough money to buy at full price.
    I’m so jealous when my friend kept posting the new update about the software.
    How about I jump in into Action! together with my friends and record our moment together ingame!

  • i would like to win the keys so i can start streaming games and create my vlog on youtube. i play dota2 and other games on steam and i want to share on my facebook page, creating followers and asking audience to give me some pointers on the game i play. ive known people who uses the software but upon checking on steam, seems that i cant afford to buy one. lorelyn faith and her company entice me to use the app thats why in hoping ill be chosen.

  • Dabo says:

    To record video games

  • I an long time User of Action, If i win i will give the license to a good streamer friend.

  • ATHANH says:

    Stream game

  • Daniel says:

    I would propably use it to make my YouTube channel better and to stream comfortable (as a student and way of getting money could be nice). Also it could be used by me at the university to make a presentation in the very high quality what would make my marks better 🙂

  • Žygimantas says:

    I wan’t record gameplays with legal recording program, but i don’t have money for buying legal product, now i just saving money for legal mirillis action.

  • Angelo Batista says:

    I’ll be recording my mythic raid boss kills on World of Warcraft!

  • Bryan Inciso says:

    I will use it for recording games that I played, using it on Livestream and most of all using it on making tutorial and other stuff.

  • Michael Klein says:

    Hey Mirillis,

    I plan on a series of Youtube Videos for Political topics in Germany and USA.
    I see the political climate change and its not for the better – all sides getting more extreme which is a big problem in my view.
    Extremism breeds violence and makes people ignore each other so every side claim they are right – so I want to create a channel where we can show people that extreme measures (like riots) are not the right solution.

    The attack against free speech in 2017 is just the tip that will go on – so yeah I already have an older license of your products but a new license, especially for live-Streaming, could come in handy for something like interviews and debates.

  • Patric Monteiro says:

    I use the Mirillis Action to record videos for youtube and streams to Twitch, always with the extremly quality that only Action! can bring!

  • Paul Nicusor Jecu says:

    I would mostly use action to record my self in funny situations in destiny 2 starting oct 24 and maybe livestream the raids once i am ready to raid.

  • Kajoszka says:

    I’m gonna use action to record my fantastic battlefield game plays and livestream csgo

  • Muhammad Isa says:

    Question: What will you use the Mirillis Action! screen and game recorder for?

    Every single seconds that full of joy, the happiness of course! If you ask why choose Mirillis, well as far as I know and the rest of the world (majority) know, Mirillis Action! is by far the BEST and the only BEST screen recording software. Why?

    – No lag during recording
    – Small file size
    – Good UI design
    – Easy to use
    – High sound quality output

    Everything is just good, I have tried fraps, bandicam and many more but all of those softwares can never beat Mirillis Action! for its small file size and no lags during recording thus Mirillis Action! deserve the 1st place for screen recording. Much love <3 <3 <3

  • Hanifkyo says:

    I really want to use ACTION! Game recorder for my youtube, I will put a great use with ACTION! Game recorder and I will gladly to use it while recording a gameplay of games!

  • Ewan Were says:

    Tf2 is what I’d use it for

  • Maxedo Novami Dahlia Tenggara says:

    I will recorded my game with subscribtion for memory playing game with my friend around the world

  • César says:

    Im just gonna make tutorials and probably some Overwatch gameplays, I used to record some using the trial version of Mirillis Action, but then it expired, I really want to make some gameplays but I cant find any other programs that are as good as Mirillis Action, I just miss it a lot, lol.

  • Jacob Cook says:

    What will you use the Mirillis Action! screen and game recorder for?

    My brother and I have decided to make YouTube videos and after trying several different recording software (ie. OBS, Bandicam) I decided that Action! offered the best user interface, best recording options that fit our needs for recording in 4K, and offered the best way to track how much space we have left on our SSDs while we’re recording.
    Since I already have a commercial license I would give the key to my brother, if I were to win.

  • Aaron says:

    i’ll use it to record gaming videos

  • Nathaniel says:

    A giveaway once I reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube

  • Rafał says:

    I would exploit him for recording my good times while the game, as well as developing my passion for Youtube.

    wykorzystałbym go do nagrywania moich najlepszych chwil podczas gry, a także rozwijania mojej pasji na Youtube.

  • Domnik Zając says:

    I will use Action for recording games on my YouTube channel. Also I heard many of good about stream engine. Maybe it is good option for test streaming.

  • Porpia says:

    I use action to create my video playthrough of my game. because of, this program has everything I need to do my project when I was the 3rd year in university this program make my work easier than others I used before. then, I loved it.

  • Patrik Purgar says:

    I will use it to record gameplay videos, record tutorials with deskop recording mode, and use it to live stream. Now the new South Park game will come out soon so if I win, I will have the perfect software with what I can record let’s plays 😀

  • Hania Balewicz says:

    I wiil be recording screen presentations for my students. Thank you for this contest.

  • Michał Makarczuk says:

    I will use Mirillis Action! to record gameplays from my games. I a game developer and I need good software to record gameplays / trailers from my games.

  • James Osier says:

    I would use Mirillis Action for streaming games on Twitch and YouTube as well as recording my tutorials for using different software and hardware reviews.

  • Jo?o Roda Antunes says:

    I will use it to make some frag movies of CS:GO and maybe to RocketLeague. Use it to record mostly gameplays.

  • Miguel gomez says:

    I need a key ,im a gamer i like to recording my games

  • Nic K. says:

    I will use Mirillis Action! for reaction Videos on Twitch. Livestreaming and making fantastic Videos of my games. Also I would fly to Mars to see whether there green people are o.O! I think u have the best Performance so only a few seconds to the mars 😀

  • Zosia says:

    I would record my tutorials.

  • Ralph Jason Arano says:

    For live streaming

  • Bikone says:

    Record my best races in iRacing to share with my fans and my team.

  • Tarek says:

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway. This is a very good app for streaming and real-time recording of Windows desktop in a super HD video quality. I need it to record lectures, webinars, some games and Skype calls with the option to add narration from your microphone and video from your webcam, and share on YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Joao says:

    Record games and desktop

  • Joao says:

    Record games and desktop :0

  • Mohammad Ali says:

    thanks for giveaway

  • Caleb Lam says:

    I will use the Action! recorder for making cool videos on ROBLOX and other games as well. I have OBS, of course, but it would also be great if there is another good one as well.

  • I will use my Action for my videos on youtube, and live streams, I really love have this program , because is so asome!
    Thank you so much for this oportunity!

    – Monja justiciera

  • Is it here I’ll comment the competition? Ok, I’ll use Action to have on more than one computer as members of my family also wanna do YouTube.

  • David T. Johnson says:

    I will be using Action screen and game recording to record game play videos and possible tutorials and post the final product on YouTube where anyone can find it to use and seek help or to just be entertained.

  • Aleksey Apasov says:

    I will use the Mirillis Action! for screen and game recorder

  • Martin Kovacs says:

    I want to use it for broadcasting.

  • SirRFI says:

    I am a gamer for decades, recording gameplays for YouTube before the era of “YouTubers”. That being said, I would use it for not only recording regular gameplays, but also catching nice moments, recording footage for guides and perhaps content requiring something more than just recording the screen.

  • Zdzisław Byczewski says:

    I will use it to record games in overall, that being things like: nice plays, tutorials, maybe trailers or even streaming in the future. I am looking towards what I can achieve with Action! on my side.

  • Abs Yasin says:

    I actually have been using this wonderful service and it’s amazing, easy to use and not heavy on the RAM. I love recording my games and capture great moments with my friends and share them so that I can market the product I use to record them and the game I’m playing.

  • Mieczyslaw Szustakowski says:

    I will record my screen with tutorials

  • Emre says:

    Well i will use Action for recording my game montages

  • Patrik Wiberg says:

    My friend got a love for this software when we recorded on my computer so i want to give a key to my friend so we can record and stream together in beautiful harmony.

  • Edo says:

    I want to make a montage video from my recording.

  • Natchapon Aroonsirikul says:

    I will use ACTION! screen and games recorder to record my gameplay such as PUBG or Paladins. Because of ACTION !, I can record my screen while I’m playing hi-end game without interrupt that cause by CPU or hardware loaded. ACTION! is designed by adept programmer which make ACTION! different from other recorder program. It’s many function and very easy for the beginner user. Additionally, I can record my screen in other certain saturation too. So ACTION! is the best program that can help you record the gameplay or any other screen capture you want.

  • Martin Kovacs says:

    I want to use it for broadcasting! 😀

  • Daniel Mucha says:

    I’m trying to make “funny moments”, gaming content on my Youtube channel. My workflow requires a recording software, that’ll be capable of running in the background for tens and even hundreds of hours, with ability to capture past few minutes of gameplay on one button press. I decided to try to get Action! because my good friend recommended it to me, mentioning awesome video, and escpecially SOUND quality, which is really rare in modern screen-capturing software. Being able to record system, and mic audio separately is a “must have” for me, as I always do master my Mic in post 😀

  • Iordanis says:

    I love the Action
    If i won i make one video for this program

  • Mark says:

    Great program – thank You 🙂

  • Dema Viorel says:

    I mostly use it to record Rainbow Six Siege on my PC cuz its working great and with no problems like i had with Bandicam and other similar software.I’m glad i bought the product


    I’ll just show how noob a person can be on PUBG! ?\_(?)_/?

  • I want this so I can start my own channel properly on YouTube, and do lives, even if I’ll start smooth and slow, mostly because of my low end hardware. But I will try my best and I know this software is great.

  • I will use it to broadcast my videogames in my youtube channel that is growing with 1k subscribers at the moment, i also got a new microphone and webcam to use mirillis features.