How to recover, delete, update your saved passwords from Chrome

November 9, 2017 Category: , , Leave your thoughts

Sometimes when you surf around the Internet you tend to register on certain sites and immediately save the password when you are using your Chrome Internet browser. Then one day you would like to register on another website using the same password but you can’t do that since you’ve hastily made the passwords for previous websites and now you have problems with remembering it. Perhaps you have hastily saved one...

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Most common problems concerning Screen Recording

November 7, 2017 Category: , , , , Leave your thoughts

Problems emerging while Screen Recording may be caused by many factors, starting from hardware issues, to software issues, ending with your neighbour being all too loud. With many possible issues that may arise while recording, recording may often be very frustrating task to do, especially when you plan to add commentary to your videos. There are just so many things that can go wrong. In this blog we will attempt...

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Top old retro games

November 4, 2017 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

What are retro games? For those who would like to try out some retro games but don’t exactly know what those are (and yet still probably know most of the retro titles), we’ve provided a short description of the sub-genre of gaming. The simplest description of those games would simply be “old games”. More specifically, every game developed between 70′ and very early 2000 can fall into “Retro games” category....

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List of gifts every gamer would love to have

November 3, 2017 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

Are you looking for a gift for your friend who is a gamer? Or maybe you are looking for a present for your kid, that will make your gamer child happy? We know it’s hard, because usually, they aren’t satisfied with another pair of socks, boring book or winter sweater. For just that reason, we provided a list of things that will make your friend/child scream of happiness, without the...

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The best horror games to play during halloween

October 31, 2017 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

The Halloween is soon to be upon us. Whether you enjoy Halloween or not, it is always a good excuse to sit down and dive into some scary activities… And honestly, there is nothing as “fun” to do during Halloween as… …Playing HORROR GAMES!! For those who want to quickly raise their adrenaline limit to the maximum during this day, we’ve provided a short list of the best horror games to...

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Be professional on your camera

10 Amazing Tips that Help You Look Professional on Your Camera

October 28, 2017 Category: 2 Comments

It goes without saying: video production is on top today. Basically, with variety of options and tools available right off the shelf, everybody is able to shoot a video podcast, record presentation, webinar or tutorial guide. However, the question is: what can I do to make my videos more attractive to keep the viewers’ attention? Did you know that most viewers close the video window within the first 5 -15...

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Best 9 gaming mechanical keyboards as of 2017

October 28, 2017 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

Gamers often struggle to buy the best equipment, since the choice between things they want for their computers is so vast, that actually deciding whether to go for the best, or the average is still a pretty hard task. We’ve collected several gaming mechanical keyboards that we think are the most gamer-friendly but also have everyday use value as well. Check on the list and have much easier time deciding...

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8 best and cheap gaming headphones in 2017

October 27, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

Each pro gamer knows pretty well, that in order to efficiently play PVP games, you need a proper headset to assure not only perfect surround sound but also sufficient and clear communication. Unfortunately, it?s not always possible to go to the store and buy the best headset available on the market. We?ve presented a list of 8 cheap and very efficient headsets for gamers, to save you the time of...

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Best gaming set to start recording FullHD Let’s Plays up to $800

October 26, 2017 Category: , , , 1 Comment

Searching for the best PC for your gameplay is something that requires much research – something that is too bothersome for most people. That’s why they go to local electronics store, ask the consultant for “800$ PC for games”. In most cases, the computer that will be recommended will not be satisfactory when it comes to at least 1 part of hardware in it. This happens because local stores tend...

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E-sport Tournaments

Esport Gaming Industry

October 23, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

The Esport Gaming Industry If you’re remotely interested in computer games and online gaming, you may well have heard of Esport gaming, and indeed you may have taken part in Esport tournaments and other video game competitions. Video gaming has become phenomenally popular in recent years, with millions spent on games and accessories, and thousands of games released each year. Gaming companies are always working towards the best possible graphics...

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