Be professional on your camera

10 Amazing Tips that Help You Look Professional on Your Camera

October 28, 2017 Category: 2 Comments

It goes without saying: video production is on top today. Basically, with variety of options and tools available right off the shelf, everybody is able to shoot a video podcast, record presentation, webinar or tutorial guide. However, the question is: what can I do to make my videos more attractive to keep the viewers’ attention? Did you know that most viewers close the video window within the first 5 -15...

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Best 9 gaming mechanical keyboards as of 2017

October 28, 2017 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

Gamers often struggle to buy the best equipment, since the choice between things they want for their computers is so vast, that actually deciding whether to go for the best, or the average is still a pretty hard task. We’ve collected several gaming mechanical keyboards that we think are the most gamer-friendly but also have everyday use value as well. Check on the list and have much easier time deciding...

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8 best and cheap gaming headphones in 2017

October 27, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

Each pro gamer knows pretty well, that in order to efficiently play PVP games, you need a proper headset to assure not only perfect surround sound but also sufficient and clear communication. Unfortunately, it?s not always possible to go to the store and buy the best headset available on the market. We?ve presented a list of 8 cheap and very efficient headsets for gamers, to save you the time of...

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Best gaming set to start recording FullHD Let’s Plays up to $800

October 26, 2017 Category: , , , 1 Comment

Searching for the best PC for your gameplay is something that requires much research – something that is too bothersome for most people. That’s why they go to local electronics store, ask the consultant for “800$ PC for games”. In most cases, the computer that will be recommended will not be satisfactory when it comes to at least 1 part of hardware in it. This happens because local stores tend...

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E-sport Tournaments

Esport Gaming Industry

October 23, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

The Esport Gaming Industry If you’re remotely interested in computer games and online gaming, you may well have heard of Esport gaming, and indeed you may have taken part in Esport tournaments and other video game competitions. Video gaming has become phenomenally popular in recent years, with millions spent on games and accessories, and thousands of games released each year. Gaming companies are always working towards the best possible graphics...

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Dx diag application window

How to create Dx Diag Report in Windows 10

October 23, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

What Is DirectX Diagnostic Report? If you spend any amount of time working at your computer, you may well have come across the DirectX diagnostic tool, or Dx diag, and you may not be familiar with what this programme does or why it can be useful. DirectX was a programming solution designed for Windows 95 to ensure that games and other media would run effectively, and it is utilized by...

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Computer benchmark

How to Insanely Improve the Performance of Your PC

October 20, 2017 Category: 3 Comments

Podcast: Open in a new window | Download It is 2017 and no time for a sluggish computer. Whether you use the PC for gaming or business, there is no reason or season for having a machine that takes forever to open an application. However, this is no reason to throw the computer out of the window, either. There is hope. You can ramp up the computer speed to insane levels using this...

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How to take a perfect screenshot

Save Your Time on Making Notes. Take a Perfect Screenshot!

October 18, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

Podcast: Open in a new window | Download We can all agree that TIME is kind of like any other form of currency. We spend time, we lose time, we do our best to try and save our time. For most people, note-taking has been a notorious time sink since their high school classes. Hours upon hours spent jotting down information that’s already been recorded and copied onto a page – essentially doing...

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Basic gaming set needed to record perfect gameplays

Basic Gaming Set Needed to Record Amazing Gameplays

October 18, 2017 Category: 2 Comments

Podcast: Open in a new window | Download Broadcasting and live gameplay streaming has literally taken the gaming world by storm. With the sudden boom of gaming streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch, gamers are now finding ways on how they can easily and conveniently record live gameplay for later sharing with friends, families or spectators. Indeed, playing games online has never been this interesting and diverse. How to record live...

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The best live streaming and recording equipment up to 200USD

October 18, 2017 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

Podcast: Open in a new window | Download Everyone who is interested in recording games, tutorials, webinars or would like to stream their activity, they need to equip their room with a few essentials depending on the requirements, since good computer alone might not be enough to guarantee you a success. Nowadays, competition is so huge that quality of the videos recorded in terms of sound and visuals is extremely important for...

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