Complete List of Game Genres

October 18, 2017 Category: , , , , 4 Comments

INTRODUCTION The world of games may perhaps be called an entirely new universe. The number of video games is so vast that it practically cannot be counted by any traditional means. If someone is even remotely interested in gaming, he or she can find a specific game that will suit their needs. Whether you need great graphics, story, combat, freedom, difficulty, thrill, fear, laughter, it’s all there! We’ve categorized every...

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Top 5 Best Gaming Mice to buy 2017 Ranking

October 17, 2017 Category: 6 Comments

Podcast: Play in a new window | Download So, you have just set up your ultimate gaming station, and you are raring to go. What remains is getting the best tools for the business. Top of the list is a right gaming mouse, and you are unsure how to get a mouse that will serve you faithfully in your quests. Look no more. Here, we provide a comprehensive list of the best gaming...

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What is bitrate and what is its purpose in screen recording?

October 17, 2017 Category: , , , , 1 Comment

Whether it’s recording new videos or editing existing ones, it is important to remember about setting up the software so the final video looks in desired way. While there are many simple options such as “frames per second” or “video resolution”, it might still be possible to record a video with horrible quality if bitrate, which works completely independently from the former two, is set to minimal value. So what...

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Streaming platform

Top 6 Best Live Streaming Services You Should Never Miss!

October 11, 2017 Category: , 1 Comment

Podcast: Open in a new window | Download From product launching events to business meetings, even real time sports tournaments and professional gamers are now using live streaming services to reach their target audience. Known to be more cost-effective, flexible and feature-filled, broadcasting videos on the internet has truly changed the way we interact with multimedia. Along with speedier internet connection and abundance of streaming software for Windows PC, choosing the right content...

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Live streaming tips for success

9 Live Streaming Tips and Tricks for Success

October 6, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

Podcast: Open in a new window | Download All viewers who see big youtubers like PewDiepie and Markiplier want to be in their shoes. With loyal fans and thousands of people logging onto Youtube just to watch them play videogames in a livestream. However, the same as with any other thing… …you will always have to start small. When beginning to build an image as an internet celebrity beginning with a livestream is...

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Action! screen recorder

Mirillis Action! screen recorder Giveaway results!

September 22, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

Hello, Guys! Today we chose five people, who will receive an Action! life-time commercial license. The competitors were asked to answer this question:  What will you use the Mirillis Action! screen and game recorder for? We read all your comments and have to admit that it was a really hard task to pick the best answers. After a long discussion, we decided to give the keys to:   Daniel Mucha Michał Makarczuk Lacob Cook Muhammad...

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How to become a Youtuber? – part 3

September 21, 2017 Category: , , , 3 Comments

Last time I’ve discussed how YouTube’s search algorithm works and why new Youtuber’s videos struggle to appear on a first page in search results, as well as gave some tips concerning topics you should avoid. All tips I shared with you by now are definitely enough for you to get past the first 100 subscribers. At this point, the most important thing is to improve upon your channel as much...

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What is NVIDIA NVENC used for?

September 19, 2017 Category: , , 1 Comment

NVIDIA NVENC accelerated H.264/AVC encoding Whenever asked about “Have you heard of NVIDIA NVENC”, most people would say “I have no idea what that is”. At the same time, it is something that is essential for a modern person. Most downloadable TV series and shows, Blu-ray videos, online streams (Including YouTube and iTunes) use H.264 video encoding technology that NVIDIA NVENC performs. For years H.264 was the most efficient compression...

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GIVEAWAY – win a life-time commercial Mirillis Action! license

September 14, 2017 Category: , 60 Comments

Today we just got 20,000 followers on our Facebook Fan page, and want to thank you for your big support! 🙂 We decided to give away 5 keys with single, life-time commercial license. In order to win, you need to answer the question given here: Action! game recorder GIVEAWAY The best answers will receive a prize! Your comments will be sent to a “draft”, so no one could copy other answers...

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How to make money on YouTube?

September 6, 2017 Category: , 1 Comment

I’m sure many of you dream to be a full-time YouTube content creator. Finally being able to do what you love as your job – it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. Today we will give you some tips, that might help you make your dreams come true 🙂 1. How to enable monetization on Youtube Channel If you plan on earning money on YouTube, that’s the first thing you should...

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