How to become a Youtuber? – part 3

September 21, 2017 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

Last time I’ve discussed how YouTube’s search algorithm works and why new Youtuber’s videos struggle to appear on a first page in search results, as well as gave some tips concerning topics you should avoid. All tips I shared with you by now are definitely enough for you to get past the first 100 subscribers. At this point, the most important thing is to improve upon your channel as much...

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What are NVIDIA NVENC and HEVC and what’s the difference between them.

September 19, 2017 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

NVENC Whenever asked about ‘Have you heard of NVIDIA NVENC’, most people would say ‘I have no idea what that is’. At the same time it is something that is essential for modern person. Most downloadable TV series and shows, Blu-ray videos, online streams (Including YouTube and iTunes) use H.264 video encoding technology provided by NVIDIA NVENC. For years H.264 was the most efficient compression method. With its low bitrate...

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How to become a Youtuber? – part 1

June 1, 2017 Category: , 39 Comments

The great inventions of the 21st century brought us many things that allow us to show ourselves to the world. Youtube is one of those inventions, that gained popularity so swiftly, that sometimes we just can’t follow the rapid pace of quality-of-life improvements. Every year, more and more people attempt to present themselves, their ideas, their hobbies on Youtube simply to share what they love doing. The problem occurs when...

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