Where to find YouTube real-time subscriber counter

January 17, 2018 Category: , , Leave your thoughts

YouTube has many features when it comes to checking up your statistics. If you would like to check those out, visit our previous blog about YouTube Analytics. What YouTube doesn’t have however, is simple live subscriber count that allows you to check your (or someone else?s) amount of subscribers in real-time. When is this especially useful? During events such as special live streams (during normal streams as well), during milestone...

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custom youtube thumbnail

How to insert custom thumbnail for your video.

January 12, 2018 Category: , Leave your thoughts

Surprisingly many people struggle to add perfect thumbnail to their video. YouTube by itself suggests 3 pictures. However, it is possible to add your own custom-made thumbnail. There are no requirements to how thumbnail should look like, however it would be the best if it had some connection with the topic or game you actually feature in the video. With new YouTube creators studio, this process is easier than ever...

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person analyzing things

Everything you need to know about new YouTube Analytics

January 11, 2018 Category: , , , , Leave your thoughts

YouTube analytics is a powerful tool available to every content creator for free, that may indirectly help you grow your channel to considerable size (or save it, if it starts being less and less popular). People with analytical skills can easily find a reason why videos don’t get more views than expected or why the channel stopped growing altogether. What can you find in YouTube Analytics? Statistics such as subscribers,...

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collection of various thumbnails

How to extract your YouTube thumbnail from the video?

January 10, 2018 Category: , , , Leave your thoughts

For those who own a collection of past thumbnails, you must definitely be familiar with various Thumbnail collection tools. Those tools (sites) allow users to almost instantly grab YouTube thumbnail image(s). Currently, several solutions are available when it comes to collecting thumbnails. Below we’ve included a list of a couple of such services.   YouTube Thumbnail Grabber There isn’t much to explain when it comes to using YouTube Thumbnail Grabber....

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editing videos and making outro

How to make a great video outro for your YouTube channel?

January 3, 2018 Category: , , , 2 Comments

Uploading a video that became popular and is watched by lots of people is certainly a great thing. The thing is, you need something to keep them on your channel as long as possible. That’s why you cannot simply cut the video after saying “bye” or presenting things you’ve shown on the video. There are many great channels, that have a lot views, but due to unoptimized videos, those channels...

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How to recover, delete, update your saved passwords from Chrome

November 9, 2017 Category: , , Leave your thoughts

Sometimes when you surf around the Internet you tend to register on certain sites and immediately save the password when you are using your Chrome Internet browser. Then one day you would like to register on another website using the same password but you can’t do that since you’ve hastily made the passwords for previous websites and now you have problems with remembering it. Perhaps you have hastily saved one...

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Most common problems concerning Screen Recording

November 7, 2017 Category: , , , , Leave your thoughts

Problems emerging while Screen Recording may be caused by many factors, starting from hardware issues, to software issues, ending with your neighbour being all too loud. With many possible issues that may arise while recording, recording may often be very frustrating task to do, especially when you plan to add commentary to your videos. There are just so many things that can go wrong. In this blog we will attempt...

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Be professional on your camera

10 Amazing Tips that Help You Look Professional on Your Camera

October 28, 2017 Category: 2 Comments

It goes without saying: video production is on top today. Basically, with variety of options and tools available right off the shelf, everybody is able to shoot a video podcast, record presentation, webinar or tutorial guide. However, the question is: what can I do to make my videos more attractive to keep the viewers’ attention? Did you know that most viewers close the video window within the first 5 -15...

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Best gaming set to start recording FullHD Let’s Plays up to $800

October 26, 2017 Category: , , , 1 Comment

Searching for the best PC for your gameplay is something that requires much research – something that is too bothersome for most people. That?s why they go to local electronics store, ask the consultant for “800$ PC for games”. In most cases, the computer that will be recommended will not be satisfactory when it comes to at least 1 part of hardware in it. This happens because local stores tend...

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Dx diag application window

How to create Dx Diag Report in Windows 10

October 23, 2017 Category: Leave your thoughts

What Is DirectX Diagnostic Report? If you spend any amount of time working at your computer, you may well have come across the DirectX diagnostic tool, or Dx diag, and you may not be familiar with what this programme does or why it can be useful. DirectX was a programming solution designed for Windows 95 to ensure that games and other media would run effectively, and it is utilized by...

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